3 Reasons You Should Have A Wedding Video

While planning your wedding, you need to insist on a wedding video. Here are our top 3 reasons why you should make room for a wedding video in your budget. While?planning your?wedding, you need to insist on a wedding video. ?One of the top pieces of advice you will receive is to hire a?wedding photographer?you […]

Marryoke – The new cheesy wedding trend

For the last few years, couples made their special day unique by copying coordinated dance routines down the aisle and at the reception, after that one couple did it on YouTube. Now, there’s a whole new “unique” thing everyone is doing: Marryoke. Marryoke is lip-synch karaoke that a wedding videographer captures your guests performing at […]

Photography and Videography Styles Brides Want

2010 Photography and Videography Styles Brides Want Most Recent results from a photography and videography survey show that 2010 brides and grooms most (57%) interested in black and white shots and least (2%) interested in trashing the dress. Here is a list of photography and videography styles tracked in the survey from most intersested to […]

Tips on Selecting your Photographer and Videographer

There are some really great photographers and videographers out there- make sure you find them.   With how much money you’re likely to spend on your pictures and video it’s no wonder there are so many people in the photography/videography business. Unfortunately, more is not always better and it can be hard to find a […]

Why Have a Wedding Video?

Your wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime event. Months of planning and effort go into putting together the perfect day. After the vows are spoken, the cake is cut, the food is eaten, and the bouquet is tossed, your most indelible memory of your wedding will be your professional wedding video. Photographs can only record moments in […]

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer?

In today’s digital age, just about everyone owns a video camera. And in today’s economy, just about every bride is on a budget. A well-meaning relative or friend may have offered to video tape your wedding for you. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a professional videographer to preserve […]

Wedding Videography – Plan Your Shots

There are over 50 products to choose from for wedding videography. A traditional wedding video will include many of the following: Pre Wedding day products Opening Credits – A Hollywood opening with credit being given to the important stars of your own movie. Photo Transfer – Growing up video & pictures of the bride and […]