Wedding Invitations 101: Save Money and Stress


There are so many pieces that go into a wedding. This can equal high stress and high cost, but it doesn’t have to be that way! There are tons of ways to cut corners when it comes to cost, but trying to lower costs on your wedding can sometimes be equally as stressful as just […]

4 Tips to Finding the Perfect Wedding Invitation


The first impression of your wedding is the wedding invitation. Not only does the invite set the tone for the whole wedding, but it also gives guests a taste of what the big day is going to be like! It’s important that the invitation you choose expresses the mood, theme, and vibe you want to […]

10 Ways to Announce Your Engagement

mug - Does this ring make me look engaged

Check out some of our favorite ideas from around the web- When you get engaged, the first thing you want to do is announce it to the world! Maybe your new fiance had a secret photographer set up with photos you can use for your Facebook announcement, but if not, you have the perfect opportunity […]

U S Postal Service Issues Wedding Cake Stamp

New Postal Stamp Adds Beauty, Romance, to Wedding Invitations.January 20, 2012 – ALEXANDRIA, VA — Brides to be can get ready to mail their wedding invitations now that the Postal Service is issuing a 65-cent Wedding Cake stamp that goes on sale today. The stamp, issued in sheets of 20, is a perfect addition for […]

Should You have an Engagement Party?

Now that you’re engaged, the best way to tell everyone is with a party!   Even though engagement parties are optional- it’s still a fun thing to do. If your relatives have not yet met your fiance an engagement party is a better place for them to meet than at the wedding itself. An engagement […]

Wedding Favors and Decoration Ideas

Seasonal/Holiday Favors Candy canes Mini Easter baskets filled with foil-wrapped chocolate eggs Little plastic pumpkins filled with candy corn Simple Christmas ornaments Blow-up beach balls with your names and/or your wedding colors Miniature heart-shaped boxes of Valentine’s chocolates Miniature watering cans filled with spring blooms Chocolate coins in gold foil Sparklers Easter eggs (that you’ve […]

Making the Wedding Announcement

Pre-Announcement Planning Before sending your formal wedding announcements, you’ll want to know the basics of “when” and “where.” This means that you will need to have your wedding site and reception site scheduled first. If planning a religious ceremony, schedule with your clergy, and talk with him or her about what wedding sites and practices […]

Who do I Invite to the Wedding and How Many?

Before you begin with your invitations, you should have a definite decision on the location of your reception. This is vital to figuring out how many people to invite. Usually, you can have about 25% more people than will fit in your reception location because that is the average of how many people will not […]

Wedding Invitation Terms

The Wedding invitation business has many uncommon terms- here’s your guide to understanding them: Blind-embossing A printing process that uses a die (see below) to make colorless letters and images with a raised surface. Calligraphy The perfected art of handwriting/penmanship, often related with fancy, curlicue script. Cotton fiber A type of paper made from 100 […]

Invitation Wording

The whole wedding planning is hard enough without having to think of all the different ways you could word your invitations. Here are a couple of the most common ways to word the invitation. Bride’s Parents Hosting: Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Brown are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter Melissa Jane to […]