Please forgive me for the snarky title! But as someone who has attended a lot of friends’ weddings in Utah, I just can’t help myself. There’s something awesome about local chapels being available for people to have their wedding venues. But let’s be honest; they’re huge, windowless basketball courts for the most part. Doesn’t exactly scream “Fairytale Wedding,” does it?

Let’s be clear: I’ve seen miracles (of the event planning nature) worked in LDS ward house gymnasiums. I’m not knocking a well-planned, elegantly designed wedding, and you can make any space work. But even those weddings that I’ve been impressed by can’t compare to the enchanting atmosphere that you can achieve in these wedding venues around Utah.

Tuscany Gardens

This wedding venue is one of the premier spaces outside of Salt Lake County, and it deserves its reputation as one of the most unique wedding spaces on the list. The charming, candle-lit vineyard and Tuscan gazebo with stone columns evoke an Old World feel. And the garden with waterfall creates a tranquil atmosphere that I would recommend to anyone.

The spaces inside are no less charming, and I only slightly prefer the gazebo to having an indoor ceremony. Every wedding I’ve attended there has been impressive, and functionally the place works well.

Thanksgiving Point

The Loggia at Thanksgiving Point

I have to mention this iconic cultural spot along the Wasatch Front. There are few places in Utah or Salt Lake counties that can match Thanksgiving Point’s wedding spaces for beauty, uniqueness and functionality.
From our outdoor wedding venues like the Waterfall Amphitheater to the Hidden Falls and Loggia, couples have a plethora of options for any size wedding. And our accessibility (just off of I-15 in Lehi) is something that really makes it feasible for guests from all over the area to easily find. The visuals here, combined with the comprehensive amenities and vendor services, make the Point one of Utah’s premiere wedding destinations.

Johnson Mill Bed and Breakfast

The most casual, intimate wedding I’ve ever been to was in Midway, Utah at Johnson Mill. The mill itself is a beautiful historic building with incredibly landscaped grounds that manage to blend well with the surrounding area. When it’s lit up at night (which it was for the ceremony I attended) the effect is admittedly magical.

Utah Weddings Venue - La Caille

La Caille

This is one of the most amazing pieces of architecture (French, something you don’t see often in Utah) in the entire Salt Lake Valley. Sequestered just off of Wasatch Boulevard in Sandy, La Caille includes 20 acres of gardens, a gorgeous pavilion and vineyard that provide a landscape you don’t find anywhere else in the Valley.


One thing that simply cannot be replicated by any wedding venue is a stunning mountain view. And to say that Snowbasin is picturesque would be an understatement. They have outdoor locations at two incredible lodges, with both indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces that are simply breathtaking. It’s one of only a few venues that can truly pull off a gorgeous ceremony and reception any time of year.

What is your favorite wedding venue from anywhere in Utah? Was it an outdoor space or indoor, big or small? What is it about that place that really made it romantic, beautiful or authentic?

Author bio: Joseph Wright writes about weddings, corporate events and cultural gatherings for the non-profit institute, Thanksgiving Point. You can plan your wedding and reserve one of the Point’s incredible wedding venues by visiting their website,