HOW TO Tastefully Use Social Media at Your Wedding

As social media becomes more and more a part of our lives, etiquette failures can occur when there are so few precedents.   A wedding day is the perfect example of this. You want to share your special day with your social circle, especially those who can’t attend, but where do you draw the line? […]

Photography and Videography Styles Brides Want

2010 Photography and Videography Styles Brides Want Most Recent results from a photography and videography survey show that 2010 brides and grooms most (57%) interested in black and white shots and least (2%) interested in trashing the dress. Here is a list of photography and videography styles tracked in the survey from most intersested to […]

Wedding Favors and Decoration Ideas

Seasonal/Holiday Favors Candy canes Mini Easter baskets filled with foil-wrapped chocolate eggs Little plastic pumpkins filled with candy corn Simple Christmas ornaments Blow-up beach balls with your names and/or your wedding colors Miniature heart-shaped boxes of Valentine’s chocolates Miniature watering cans filled with spring blooms Chocolate coins in gold foil Sparklers Easter eggs (that you’ve […]

Tips on Selecting your Photographer and Videographer

There are some really great photographers and videographers out there- make sure you find them.   With how much money you’re likely to spend on your pictures and video it’s no wonder there are so many people in the photography/videography business. Unfortunately, more is not always better and it can be hard to find a […]

Wedding Engagement Pictures

Engagement pictures, though not a vital part of the wedding, are an important part of a memorable wedding. Many people choose to get engagement pictures for several reasons- here are a few: Engagement Announcements– This can be either an ad in a newspaper, an announcement sent to friends and family, or an invitation to an […]

Bridal Portraits

For those of you who are new to the wedding mumbo-jumbo, a bridal portrait session is done with only the bride (all dressed up). Usually these pictures are taken at least a month before the wedding, so that they can be displayed at the wedding. However, some brides choose to do theirs after the wedding, […]

Wedding Photography – Picture List

Here are some of the most classic pictures that you will want for your wedding. Cross out what pictures you don’t want and add anything you can think of that you would want.   Getting Ready   Bride’s clothes hanging on the wardrobe, on the bedpost, or over a chair Bridesmaids doing bride’s hair and […]